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Hardwood Hearts is an addictive classic card game teamed with gorgeous graphics and intriguing game. Played on a rustic hardwood tabl
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: Silver Creek Entertainment
License: Shareware
Downloads: 745
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Date added: Oct 08, 2005
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Hardwood Hearts is an addictive classic card game teamed with gorgeous graphics and intriguing game. Played on a rustic hardwood table, this revamped classic lures you in with a colorful medieval theme featuring enchanting music and imagery. The playing cards are 3D, so they flip and turn as you play. Choose from different fantasy card sets that come with the game or even build your own decks. Test your hearts-playing resolve against Smoot the dragon, Glitter the fairy or Tragen the Zombie, which are just a few of the colorful characters you can play against. There are 17 different opponents in all. Customize your own player by selecting different character images and backgrounds each have thousands of color possibilities. Be a sweet little puppy or a demon dog from the underworld, all by simply editing your characters. Hardwood Hearts can even be played over the Internet, so you can meet opponents from all across the realm.


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