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Aqua Deskperience is a revolutionary desktop search application. Just ctrl right click on any word in any windows application and it opens an intuitive menu to sear
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/XP
Publisher: Deskperience
License: Shareware; $23.99 to buy
Limitations: Yes; 30 day timeout
Downloads: 247
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Date added: Oct 10, 2005
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Aqua Deskperience is a revolutionary desktop search application. Just ctrl right click on any word in any windows application and it opens an intuitive menu to search the most relevant search engines, go online shopping, look-up dictionaries, spell check, or translate. Sites are aggregated by category on the same search page to access them with just one click. It even lets you create your own menus to search your favorites sites. It also comes with a small, unobtrusive and auto-hide window where you can type a search term being a convenient replacement for myriad of toolbars taking the space of your browser.


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Nesox Link Checker is a professional web link validator and bulk page rank, traffic rank checker software for webmasters. It could help you load and extract all of the hyper links from a website, a local or online page. Besides verifying and validating fo ...
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 » Web Scraper Plus+ 4.0.12
Web Scraper Plus+ is the leading Personal Web Automation Suite. You can login to a secure website --> submit a search form --> crawl the results --> and scrape sections and fields of a resulting HTML pages to rows and columns in your favorite spreadsheet ...
Velocityscape | Shareware; $299.99 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/XP | August 12, 2005 | Downloads: 241
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 » Subject Search Siter 4.0
Subject Search Siter (SSSiter) is your an intelligent Web agent which investigates a given Web site looking for your search phrase and finds information that can be buried in it. It provides you with the report with a ranked list of page links and text ex ...
Kryloff Technologies, Inc. | Shareware; $49.00 to buy | Windows (All) | January 1, 2004 | Downloads: 178
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 » Google It! 1.2.1
Google It! is a simple, unobtrusive widget used to search the content of your clipboard automatically on Google. It`s a snap to setup and works on Windows Vista and XP running .NET Framework 3.0. ...
ZYPTO | Freeware | Windows Vista/XP | November 2, 2007 | Downloads: 181
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 » Surf Pilot 1.01
Surf Pilot is an easy-to-use desktop agent that locates and organizes information on the Internet. Unique search capabilities, bookmarking features and built-in browser will greatly helps you with your internet surfing!Metasearch database already include ...
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 » Monarch Search Beta
Monarch Search is a program that`s primary purposes is to interrogate a Website. You may search for Keyword(s) or File types or File names. It allows downloads of defined files and offline Websites and displays a graphic site map of the searched Website. ...
FirstStop WebSearch, LLC | Freeware | Windows 2000/9x/XP | June 18, 2005 | Downloads: 198
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » ZIP Pointer 1.0
ZIP Pointer will look up towns in USA and Canada by ZIP, postal code or name and show them on a North American map. This helps you to check customer information, verify postal addresses, and reduce credit card fraud. Using the program is simple. Just ente ...
ArmCode | Freeware | Windows 2003/9x/NT/XP | September 30, 2005 | Downloads: 151
Date added: Oct 28, 2007 |  » Details
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