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panFora is a full featured, high performance Web-based collaboration tool excelling at file sharing and discussion forum functions. Operating more like a desktop ap
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OS Support: Unix, Windows 2000/2003/XP
Publisher: wiTHinc, Inc.
License: Commercial Demo
Downloads: 260
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Date added: Oct 10, 2005
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panFora is a full featured, high performance Web-based collaboration tool excelling at file sharing and discussion forum functions. Operating more like a desktop application than a Web application, it utilizes a combination of innovations that maximize usability and navigation control. It`s clean and efficient navigation using a multi-framed/windowed approach will be familiar to users of desktop email and newsgroup tools. The more traditional single-frame web layout is also available as a user option. With a complete Web-based interface for configuration, admin and maintenance, panFora forums can be setup and maintained remotely. Other unique features include hierarchical topic structure, announcements by groups, user-initiated email notifications, context sensitive help everywhere, auto-correcting HTML, and safe HTML filtering in message posts. Built on a popular open-source highly efficient embedded database, panFora requires no database software installation or configuration by the user. panFora installation is fast and easy. This is a full featured demo, with registration for panFora Lite provides a free license key for panFora Lite.


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