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Win Mechanic is a powerful and easy-to-use software that tweak your computer to optimize system performance and fix system general pr
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/XP
Publisher: Evonsoft
License: Freeware
Downloads: 325
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Date added: Oct 28, 2007
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Win Mechanic is a powerful and easy-to-use software that tweak your computer to optimize system performance and fix system general problems with `one click` solution. Also, there is a hijacker scanner for both beginner and avanced user. The system scan feature is designed for the beginner, it scans the computer registry for general issues and fixes them, and it has the ability to fix some general system problems. Also it scans the key content of computer systems and can generate a summary of your computer. So the beginner can send it to the advanced user or computer expert to get further help. The expert mode is designed for the advanced user who is familiar with computer knowlege, it covers all of the most important area of computer system, so the advanced user can administer the computer with ease.


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 » Chrono Shutdown 1.12
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 » EuroCheck 1.4 Updated
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 » EldoS Pads 4.0 Beta
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 » NeighborhoodIdentifier
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 » SIGuardian Lite 1.6 RC1 Build 225
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 » NameWiz 4.10
NameWiz is a fast and easy way to rename files en masse. Select any group of files in a folder and do what you want: change the file extension, make all names lower/upper case, replace or delete characters, add prefixes and suffixes, or replace the names ...
SoftByte Labs. | Shareware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | April 16, 2006 | Downloads: 364
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 » O&O Defrag Server 8.6
O&O Defrag puts fragmented files together and maximizes your network`s speed. Defragmentation of large networks becomes easier than ever before: centralized client installation with drag & drop, execution, and scheduling of defragmentation jobs for single ...
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 » Spyware Inoculator 2.0 Updated
Spyware Inoculator will inoculate your PC to Prevent Spyware from ever being installed. While there are a few good Spyware removers wouldn`t it be better to prevent Spyware from ever being installed in the first place? This programs `Set it and Forget it` ...
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 » HDR-Data 4.04
HDR-Data is a data recovery solution capable of capturing lost or inaccessible data from your drive drive and re-constructing the file system. Unlike some recovery utilities which put your data at risk by attempting to repair corruption, this one never wr ...
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 » Logitech Desktop Messenger 2.01
Logitech Desktop Messenger (LDM) is a free service designed to deliver software support, news and information you can use. It ensures that you have simple, speedy, and effortless access to product upgrades, technology tips, and technology news and offers ...
Logitech, Inc. | Freeware | Windows 2000/9x/XP | January 28, 2005 | Downloads: 392
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » Advanced Last Known Good 1.0.0
Advanced Last Known Good allows the user independently to determine, what from the configurations NT/2000 will besaved as `Last Known Good`. It is useful for system administrators and tireless experimenters with critical on stability customizations of NT/ ...
Handy Software Lab | Freeware | Windows 2000 | July 10, 2001 | Downloads: 349
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » SUMo Beta
SUMo (Software Updates Monitoring) detects applications you are using and tracks updates. If a new version is detected, you`ll be notified by SUMo. It relies a social networking as its database is populated by the other users. By using up-to-date software ...
KC Softwares | Freeware | Windows (All) | February 26, 2008 | Downloads: 293
Date added: Feb 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » BHODemon
BHODemon is a guardian for your Internet browser: it protects you from unknown Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), by letting you enable/disable them individually. It is free and runs in the `tray` area. ...
Definitive Solutions, Inc. | Freeware | Windows 2000/9x/XP | June 21, 2005 | Downloads: 376
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » Printer`s Apprentice 7.58
Printer`s Apprentice is a professional font managment tool for Windows. Works with both TrueType and Adobe Type 1 (ATM) fonts. It has tools for printing specimen pages and font lists for both installed fonts and uninstalled fonts on CD-ROMs and other medi ...
Lose Your Mind Development | Shareware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | May 4, 2006 | Downloads: 313
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 » FSI - Free Disk Info 0.27
Small utility to monitor other applications hard disk usage, useful to understand why your hard disk is always full! ...
Andrea Doimo | Freeware | Windows 2003/9x/XP | December 23, 2004 | Downloads: 376
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » Vista Manager (64-bit) 1.4.2
Vista Manager is a system utility that helps you to optimize and tweak, clean up your Windows Vista PC. It will increase you system speed, improve system security and suit your idea. ...
Yamicsoft Software | Shareware; $39.95 to buy | Windows Vista | January 19, 2008 | Downloads: 300
Date added: Jan 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » vLite 1.1
Windows Vista from Microsoft takes a lot of resources, we all know that. So here is the tool for easy removal of unwanted components and bootable ISO creation in order to make Vista run faster and to your liking. This tool doesn`t use any kind of hacking, ...
Dino Nuhagic | Freeware | Windows 2008/Vista | January 22, 2008 | Downloads: 349
Date added: Jan 29, 2008 |  » Details
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