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True Launch Bar is a replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. All functions presented in Quick Launch are also in it. Fully com
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: TrueSoft
License: Shareware; $14.90 to buy
Downloads: 434
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Date added: Oct 07, 2005
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True Launch Bar is a replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. All functions presented in Quick Launch are also in it. Fully compatible with Quick Launch because it uses the same folder for shortcuts. But there is one huge difference. It allows you to combine your shortcuts in groups. This feature looks like popup menus. This vastly improves the management of your shortcuts and save working space on desktop. It fully supports drag & drop. You can simply drop needed shortcuts on toolbar. Using the Virtual Folders feature helps you add content of any folder as a menu. You can add Printers, Dialup Networks, etc. and control them using the context menu.


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