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Trash it will delete all files installed by a program, remove all subdirectories created by it and delete all changes made by the program in your various system fil
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: Optimus Software
License: Shareware; $29.50 to buy
Downloads: 179
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Date added: Oct 07, 2005
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Trash it will delete all files installed by a program, remove all subdirectories created by it and delete all changes made by the program in your various system files and as well as in your registry. It also comes with an in-built scheduler that runs periodically in the background and deletes files that you don`t need, such as Windows Log files, Windows temporary files, files in the Windows emp folder, files in your Recycle Bin, unused DLL files etc. Free your hard disk of files that you donít really need, leaving more space for the ones that you really do. You can even customize the list of files or folders that you want to delete, and you can configure how often you want the Scheduler to run. The default options that come pre-built with the Scheduler works fine for most users though, and can free up quite a lot of free space by deleting files that you dont really need. The Scheduler runs in the system tray, and starts, cleans up your hard drive, and then exits, without your having to press a single button or a single mouse click.


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