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PicturesToExe Deluxe creates self-running slide shows of images as an EXE file. It has a simple and intuitive interface, so creating of a presentation is very easy.
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP
Publisher: WnSoft, Inc.
License: Shareware
Downloads: 135
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Date added: May 12, 2008
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PicturesToExe Deluxe creates self-running slide shows of images as an EXE file. It has a simple and intuitive interface, so creating of a presentation is very easy. All you have to do is choose some pictures. It will produce single EXE file which contains all images inside. No additional programs are needed to run resulting presentation - only that stand-alone EXE file. If your demands are a bit higher, it allows you to make much more attractive presentations, than simply changing slides. You can customize each slide by specifying background color or picture, adding comments, sounds, objects. Moreover, it`s possible to use different cinematographic transition effects between slides, add background music. Includes the ability to exactly synchronize show of slides to music, placing points on the time-line. If it is necessary, you are able to protect your presentation by password and assign expiration date. Presentations can be automatic (by timer) or controlled manually, run once or continuously. If you prefer, you can create SCR files, and use your presentations as a standard Windows screen savers.


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