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Meta Commander Pro is the unique file manipulation and management software that has some exclusive features never seen in file management software before. It is bui
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OS Support: Windows 2000/Me/XP
Publisher: Desktop Boosters Software
License: Shareware; $19.90 to buy
Limitations: Yes; 30 day timeout
Downloads: 264
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Date added: Oct 08, 2005
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Meta Commander Pro is the unique file manipulation and management software that has some exclusive features never seen in file management software before. It is built around single-click technology, ensuring you can access any file or folder on your computer, copy-move files and folders, run popular applications as well as your preferred programs with just one click. It can help you browse disk contents presenting it as a hierarchical menu with files and folders displayed as sub-menus. When using Explorer, MS-Office, Total Commander or Far, it takes at least 6 mouse clicks to access a level-three folder. With this program you will only need to click once. How about that? This rocking feature allows you do all kinds of things with one click - from opening documents and running applications to browsing the web. It operates as a shell enhancement. It builds itself into context menu available on right-click. You will notice `My Computer` item appear in you context menu after installing this software. Once you see it, you can perform a variety of actions depending on object selected when right-clicking.


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Meta Commander Pro is the unique file manipulation and management software that has some exclusive features never seen in file management software before. It is built around single-click technology, ensuring you can access any file or folder on your compu ...
Desktop Boosters Software | Shareware; $19.90 to buy | Windows 2000/Me/XP | March 6, 2005 | Downloads: 264
Date added: Oct 08, 2005 |  » Details
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