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FtpSearch is used to search for files recursively on one or more FTP servers using multiple threads. It`s just to extend to local file searching function to the rea
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: FlashPeak, Inc
License: Freeware
Downloads: 190
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Date added: Oct 10, 2005
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FtpSearch is used to search for files recursively on one or more FTP servers using multiple threads. It`s just to extend to local file searching function to the realm of ftp servers. You just specify a file pattern and a list of ftp server addresses together with a starting directory and it will do all the searching job for you automatically. It saves you a lot of time clicking into the directories of ftp servers and looking for files using your eyes. It is especially useful when you are in a wide-band connection. Otherwise the advantage of parallel searching will be limited by your phone line. When the searching is complete, all matching files will be listed and you can select any one of them to download with your default browser. You can copy its URL and download it with your preferred download manager. It is suitable to search for freeware, shareware, mp3 files on anonymous ftp servers at a very fast speed.


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 » Cerberus FTP Server 2.45
Cerberus FTP Server provides powerful, multithreaded FTP server performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Designed to use very little CPU and memory, it features a user-friendly interface that can be easily hidden or accessed from the system tray. The ...
Grant Averett | Shareware; $59.99 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | April 27, 2007 | Downloads: 165
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 » BOB (Beast of Burden) 1.3
BOB (Beast of Burden) is an FTP batch upload application. It was designed to upload the same files to multiple servers all at one time using a GUI. Granted, it is possible to do this simply using a batch file and the command-line FTP client FTP.EXE but wh ...
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 » Grim`s Ping 1.6.7
Enjoy a hedonistic view towards pubfinding with the all new version. Not only does Ping combine simplicity and stability in one easy to use program, but it also relieves the user of 85 percent of his or her scanning chores. Everything is automated so the ...
Grim | Freeware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | January 26, 2001 | Downloads: 144
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 » Golden FTP Server Free 1.92b
Golden FTP Server Free is a free personal FTP server for Windows. It is extremely easy to use and can be run by any person who has the most basic computer skills. The program loads automatically on Windows startup and you can identify the files you want t ...
KMiNT21 Software | Freeware | Windows 2000/9x/XP | March 1, 2005 | Downloads: 108
Date added: Feb 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » WinSCP 4.1.2 Beta
WinSCP is freeware SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure CoPy) client for Windows using SSH (Secure Shell). Its main purpose is safe copying files between local and remote computer. Beyond this basic function, it manages some other actions wit ...
Martin Prikryl | Open Source | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | May 12, 2008 | Downloads: 103
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 » 32bit FTP 9.94.01
32bit FTP lets you log onto millions of FTP sites all over the world and browse their files. You can copy files from an FTP Site to your computer or vice versa. With it you can see a remote FTP Site as though it is a part of your own computer. You can Cop ...
ElectraSoft | Shareware; $19.99 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | October 4, 2006 | Downloads: 157
Date added: Oct 28, 2007 |  » Details
 » Max-FTP 5.2
Max-FTP is a File Transfer Protocol program that performs various file actions over LAN, FTP, and local drives, in any order. With file actions such as Copy, Move, Delete, New Folder, and Rename, the FTP protocol is ideal toupload all your files. ...
NeoText LLC | Shareware; $9.99 to buy | Windows (All) | July 5, 2004 | Downloads: 173
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » FlashFXP 3.6 RC2
FlashFXP is a powerful and popular FTP & FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. It has an intuitive user interface that takes only minutes to master. Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even ...
IniCom Networks | Shareware; $25.00 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | October 25, 2007 | Downloads: 150
Date added: Oct 28, 2007 |  » Details
 » Ftp & Http Navigation 2.0
Basically when you load Internet Explorer whats happening?? The Index page is loading, and produces the graphical side of a webpage. ...
JF3000 | Freeware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | January 16, 2004 | Downloads: 193
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » FileZilla Server 0.9.24
FileZilla Server is a small and fast FTP Server. The server looks like the famous G6, but it is free. ...
Tim Kosse | Open Source | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | October 22, 2007 | Downloads: 144
Date added: Oct 28, 2007 |  » Details
 » FileZilla v3 for Linux
FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. ...
Tim Kosse | Open Source | Linux | February 20, 2008 | Downloads: 123
Date added: Feb 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » CoffeeCup DirectFTP 6.2
CoffeeCup Direct FTP allows you to edit HTML and text, right on the server. This FTP client has support for drag-and-drop functionality and multiple FTP server profiles. You can upload and download all file types and preview images directly on the server. ...
CoffeeCup Software Inc. | Shareware; $34.00 to buy | Windows (All) | August 17, 2004 | Downloads: 181
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » BitKinex 2.7.1
BitKinex integrates the functionality of an innovative FTP client, SFTP client and WebDAV client for Windows. In addition to features found in other popular FTP programs (like support for the SSL/SSH, multipart and multithreaded transfers, remote edit or ...
Barad-Dur, LLC | Shareware; $34.00 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/Vista/XP | January 22, 2006 | Downloads: 173
Date added: Oct 28, 2007 |  » Details
 » AbleFtp for Linux 6.24
AbleFtp is an FTP client designed primarily for automation of ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly. Supports a very flexible wildcard system to transfer multiple files at once. Su ...
Hitek Software | Shareware; $49.95 to buy | Linux | August 20, 2005 | Downloads: 187
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » RaidenFTPD 2.4.2465
RaidenFTPD allows you to set up your own FTP Server. It has the following features beside the fact that you can use it for free completely. It offers the highest security, outputs more than 100 megabit per second, various handy features, ease of use user ...
RaidenFTPD Team | Shareware; $19.95 to buy | Windows (All) | October 5, 2005 | Downloads: 184
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » Serv-U
Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning FTP server. An FTP server uses the FTP protocol to share files across the Internet. It is not only 100% compliant with the current FTP standard, but also includes numerous features that make it a perfect fi ...
Rhino Software, Inc. | Shareware; $49.95 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | January 2, 2008 | Downloads: 150
Date added: Jan 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » Internetrix 1.11 Beta
Internetrix is an FTP client and download manager. Internetrix was designed for the author`s personal use, but found its way to the freeware world. ...
Franky | Freeware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | April 22, 2000 | Downloads: 146
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » SnugServer
SnugServer is a suite of high performance Software Servers that provide you with an all-in-one solution to managing your Internet presence. It comes with the very latest Anti-Spamming, Anti-Virus and Encryption technology built-in. ...
Heidi Computers Ltd. | Commercial Demo; $262.00 to buy | Windows (All) | August 9, 2005 | Downloads: 171
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
 » FTP Now 2.6.87
FTP Now is a user-friendly FTP client. With the well-designed interface, it supports all standard ftp functions, plus Personal Ftp Manager, 100% download resuming, beat disconnection, and more. It displays detailed information about your download while yo ... | Shareware; $29.95 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | May 9, 2008 | Downloads: 122
Date added: May 13, 2008 |  » Details
 » AbsoluteFTP 2.2.10
AbsoluteFTP is the easy, powerful way to transfer files using FTP, with a simple Explorer-like interface and advanced features like direct server-to-server transfers. It works like Windows Explorer to drag and drop files between local and remote systems. ...
Van Dyke Technologies | Shareware; $29.95 to buy | Windows (All) | May 5, 2005 | Downloads: 182
Date added: Oct 10, 2005 |  » Details
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