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Docsphere helps you manage personal or corporate documents on Ms Access or SQL Server database. The user can classify links and find needed documents, the system of
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OS Support: Windows 2000/9x/XP
Publisher: Ravitz Information Systems
License: Shareware; $50.00 to buy
Limitations: Yes
Downloads: 200
Screenshot: No Screenshot
Date added: Oct 26, 2007
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Docsphere helps you manage personal or corporate documents on Ms Access or SQL Server database. The user can classify links and find needed documents, the system offers an event log, supports output to Excel, and includes a built-in option for document scanning to graphic files. The system allows management of an advanced `card catalog` of documents. Cards are assigned to Documents, Images, URLs, etc. The cards are organized in folders, and folders are organized in tree structure. The document cards can be searched by sorting keys, keywords and notes, custom data fields, etc.


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Effective File Search is a powerful but easy to use search tool. Search any files on your computer or local network. Search in folders or results. Search filters include date and size, containing text or hexadecimal codes. All results can be saved to file ...
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Code Rip is a source code viewer that extracts the HTML code from any web page, including pages protected by no-right-click scripts. It can extract and save Scripts, Styles, Meta Tags, Frames and Comments. An added bonus is extracting Links from a page wh ...
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 » WinTree 3.05
WinTree is a file manager similar to Windows Explorer. It contains features such as find/replace within files, file and directory tagging in multiple directories, directory comparsions and much more. ...
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With the PEERNET.DRV eTIFF print driver, if you can print it, you can distribute or archive it electronically as a high-quality TIFF image file; office word processing documents, graphic application images, slideshow presentations, accounting spreadsheets ...
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Directory Opus is a complete file manager and Explorer replacement solution. Directory Opus goes beyond the simple file manager metaphor, and offers you a complete Explorer replacement. It provides you with a user-friendly and fully-configurable environme ...
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 » File Property Modifier
File Property Modifier is a utility that allows you to change file and directory attributes (read-only, hidden, system, etc.) as well as dates (Created, Last Changed, Last Accessed). It will also allow the user to change these properties for an entire dir ...
TimeAcct Information System | Shareware; $14.95 to buy | Windows (All) | February 7, 2003 | Downloads: 220
Date added: Oct 08, 2005 |  » Details
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