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Cybercorder 2000 provides VCR-like recording for radio shows or any audio input. Recordings are stored on disk as WAV or MP3 files with optional audio compression t
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: Skyhawk Technologies
License: Shareware; $24.95 to buy
Downloads: 272
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Date added: Oct 06, 2005
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Cybercorder 2000 provides VCR-like recording for radio shows or any audio input. Recordings are stored on disk as WAV or MP3 files with optional audio compression to save disk space. Recordings can easily be played back by selecting the recording from a list of completed recordings. The customizable playback window allows you to easily advance the recording forward and reverse various step sizes.


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 » Blaze Audio Power Record 2.0
Blaze Audio Power Record is like a VCR for radio, providing scheduled and instant audio recording from any source together with following features. It is an ideal program to use with powerful wave editors like RipEditBurn and Wave Creator. ...
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Sound Card Recorder can pickup any sound source using your soundcard, and automatically record voice activity. The program splits records into small files, if a lengthy silence is detected. Records can be stored in any sound format including MP3. Quick te ...
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Voice Tracker is your personal digital dictaphone with build-in voice level detection routines. You don`t even have to press the `record` button, it will detect your voice and start recording automatically, avoiding recording silences. This application is ...
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Ashampoo CD Recording Suite makes it really easy to create and copy your own data cds, audio cds and multisession cds. Many current CD burning programs are universal `everything including the kitchen sink` applications that are overloaded with countless c ...
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