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Call Soft VoIP is a call manager for Skype designed to offer a wide range of services to both you and your callers. In general it does this by giving callers option
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/Me/Vista/XP
Publisher: TOSC International
License: Shareware; $15.00 to buy
Limitations: Yes
Downloads: 265
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Date added: Oct 27, 2007
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Call Soft VoIP is a call manager for Skype designed to offer a wide range of services to both you and your callers. In general it does this by giving callers options other than just personal greetings and leaving messages. You can create a structured informational call tree where callers can get information based on tones they send, or if voice recognition is enabled, from words they say. Each node of a call tree can act as a simple mailbox where callers leave messages, but can also do more complex tasks such as asking a question and acting upon the answer. It supports text to speech, voice recognition, multi use hierarchal navigable mailboxes, call recording, remote message retrieval, notification via Email, call back and Skype text messaging. It has a sinkable GUI and auto update feature.


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