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Acronis Disk Director Suite is the only disk partitioning software that allows you to automatically or manually resize, copy, and move partitions without losing dat
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OS Support: Windows 2000/9x/XP
Publisher: Acronis, Inc.
License: Commercial Demo; $49.99 to buy
Limitations: Yes
Downloads: 247
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Date added: Oct 26, 2007
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Acronis Disk Director Suite is the only disk partitioning software that allows you to automatically or manually resize, copy, and move partitions without losing data. It also lets you reorganize the hard disk drive structure and optimize disk space usage. If you use your computer for different purposes or wish to try a new operating system, it is safer and more convenient to use an operating environment that is completely separate from your business applications, entertainment, children`s files and other data. It provides a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use way to manage booting of multiple operating systems on a single PC. In the event of the accidental loss of a partition, it allows you to automatically recover any deleted or lost partition with any file system by booting from a special recovery CD or diskette, even if your operating system fails to boot.


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