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Access2PostgreSQL Pro is an efficient converter which performs MS Access (mdb) to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL to Access database conversion simply by configuring seve
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/XP
Publisher: DMSoft Technologies
License: Shareware; $55.00 to buy
Downloads: 236
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Date added: Oct 25, 2007
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Access2PostgreSQL Pro is an efficient converter which performs MS Access (mdb) to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL to Access database conversion simply by configuring several options in wizard-like application. Ability to organize application work using command line parameters is supplemented with a built-in scheduler so you can run the program without user input after having scheduled it once. Access2 PostgreSQL Pro supports Unicode that allows you to make language special symbols displayed correctly. Improved usability, brand new design and changeable skins are supplemented with Multilanguage support. The current version converts Primary keys and Indexes. Renaming of tables, fields, indexes before conversion is also available. Detection of possible conversion errors at customization stage greatly facilitate configuring of the conversion settings. There is an ability to save data to PHP script or to a dump file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to PostgreSQL database if any. Sessions support allows you to save all your settings and restore them afterwards. It provides high speed of the conversion that noticeably exceeds average showing in this category.


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