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Ac Browser Plus is a Multi Window File Manager. It gives you the possibility to work with as many open folders as you want, in one application, which is in contrast
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/XP
Publisher: Konrad Papala
License: Shareware; $21.00 to buy
Limitations: Yes; 30 day timeout
Downloads: 236
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Date added: Oct 26, 2007
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Ac Browser Plus is a Multi Window File Manager. It gives you the possibility to work with as many open folders as you want, in one application, which is in contrast to dual panel file managers. It offers you a rich set of tools for navigating your computer, image handling (viewing and conversion) and finding files. All of this in the convenient multi-panel user interface, with standard keyboard shortcuts, full Drag&Drop support and with a lot of unique solutions, giving you the ability to manage your disk resources faster and easier than ever.


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Rename4u is a fun and easy program for renaming files. It allows you to rename any files, using various methods, including search/replace, renumbering, prefixes/suffixes, etc. Includes test mode, so you can test your combination(s) before renaming the fil ...
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 » muCommander for Windows 0.8
muCommander is a cross-platform file manager that features support for FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Bonjour/Zeroconf, email attachments, Zip/GZip/Tar/Bzip2/ISO/NRG/AR/Deb/LST archives, universal bookmarks, credentials management, themes, multiple windows, f ...
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 » TransMac 7.2
TransMac will read, write, and format Macintosh high density diskettes, CDROMs, hard drives, and most removable drives (Iomega, Zip, Jaz, Clik, SyQuest, optical, etc.). ...
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 » Abracadabra 1.3
Abracadabra will let you view, edit and save almost any file. The program opens many types of text and graphic files. The program is easy and convenient to use with its new way of navigating through files and directories. It allows you to move through you ...
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 » Mizo - CD Librarian 1.0
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 » Xplorer² Beta
Xplorerò is a powerful tabbed dual-pane file manager, including Omni-Finder, a find files module that simply outclasses all known search tools. ...
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 » Beyond Compare 3.0 Build 455 Beta
Beyond Compare is a utility for comparing text files, folders, zip archives, and FTP sites. Use it to manage source code, keep folders in sync, compare program output, and validate CD copies. It can create a snapshot of a live directory structure, and com ...
Scooter Software, Inc. | Shareware; $30.00 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | May 6, 2008 | Downloads: 184
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 » Code Clipper 1.1
Code Clipper grabs code copied from the Visual Basic IDE and places it in one of Seven slots. These code snippets may be saved to disk and loaded later or used in another section of code right away. Code Clipper can be used with any text, not just Visual ...
Jerry Lyles | Freeware | Windows (All) | August 15, 2000 | Downloads: 230
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 » Multibox 4.0
Software which contains 10 applications in 1: Word-processing, pictures designer, explorer, adress book, song and video player, Tic-Tac-Toe game, Ini Creator, and an Installation creator for Windows and DOS. ...
Colin Laplace | Freeware | Windows 9x/NT | February 29, 2000 | Downloads: 163
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 » FileMatrix 8.0.7
FileMatrix is a multi-dimensional file manager which gives you the ability to navigate, organize and manage files effectively. The name comes from the fact that files are organized like a 3 dimensional matrix of files (files in a column, columns in a boar ...
George Hara | Freeware | Windows Vista/XP | March 19, 2008 | Downloads: 188
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 » My Wedding Organizer 5.6.2
My Wedding Organizer is designed to simplify planning one of the most important days in your life. It handles all the major details of the day. Keep track of everything with the to-do lists. Enter all your guests in the database. Then automatically create ...
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 » Mass File Editor 1.1
Mass File Editor is an editor/viewer for batch file processing, useful particularly for web-developers. Automatically processes a large number (thousands) of text files chosen by mask. Offers the possibility for replacing some predefined text with another ...
AG Depsys Software Ltd. | Shareware | Windows (All) | January 27, 2004 | Downloads: 221
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 » WinTree 3.05
WinTree is a file manager similar to Windows Explorer. It contains features such as find/replace within files, file and directory tagging in multiple directories, directory comparsions and much more. ...
Louka Dlagnekov | Freeware | Windows 9x | August 6, 2000 | Downloads: 252
Date added: Oct 08, 2005 |  » Details
 » SoomSoom 4.1.1
SoomSoom is an amazing and easy-to-install software that allows you to access anything on your computer by using names and subjects. Everyone knows that a person`s name is easier to remember than a document`s name. So, the next time you need to open a let ...
PingWin, Inc. | Freeware | Windows (All) | January 19, 2003 | Downloads: 208
Date added: Oct 08, 2005 |  » Details
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