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2nd Speech Center is an award-winning text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen. In addition to tex
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OS Support: Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP
Publisher: Zero2000 Software
License: Shareware; $39.95 to buy
Limitations: Yes; 30 day timeout
Downloads: 210
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Date added: Oct 25, 2007
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2nd Speech Center is an award-winning text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen. In addition to text, 2nd Speech Center also allows you to convert text to MP3 or WAVE files for listening later with your portable MP3 player. 2nd Speech Center can directly open Plain Text files (.txt), Microsoft Word files (.doc), PDF files (.pdf), EMail files (.eml), Rich Text files (.rtf), HTML files. For Microsoft Internet Explorer users, 2nd Speech Center supplies a handy toolbar plug-in for Internet Explorer. 2nd Speech Center supports dozens of male, female and robotic voices for over 11 languages. 2nd Speech Center can monitor the Windows Clipboard and automatically process its contents. This feature makes it easy to read web pages, e-mail messages, documents and much more. Additionally, 2nd Speech Center is integrated with many useful and timesaving features, such as talking alarm clock, talking reminder and powerful command lines for advanced users. And don`t worry, the intuitive VCR style user interface is very easy to use.


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 » GearVolt MP3 Beta
GearVolt MP3 is an MP3 tag editor and file transfer utility for Windows. Batch rename MP3 files, parse tags from file names or other tags, copy and edit tags in a grid interface with drag and drop support. Manage and copy your audio and data files to port ... | Shareware | Windows (All) | February 4, 2005 | Downloads: 178
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Digital Music Network 1.3
Digital Music Network is a free plug-in that works with all of the leading media players. All you have to do is listen to music on your computer and DMN does the rest. As you listen to a song, DMN gives you information about the artist such as news flashe ...
The Digital Music Network | Freeware | Windows (All) | February 4, 2002 | Downloads: 213
Date added: Oct 06, 2005 |  » Details
 » MP3 to WAV Converter 3.2
MP3 to WAV Converter is one of the quickest and easiest-to- use audio tools of its kind. The program completes conversions in seconds, decoding MP3 files to burnable and editable WAV files. It is ideal for time-saving conversions of batches of MP3 files. ...
Smart Soft | Shareware; $9.90 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/Vista | February 21, 2007 | Downloads: 127
Date added: Oct 25, 2007 |  » Details
 » AudioGrail
AudioGrail is an automatic MP3 files renammer and tagger. It can automatically fetch tracks name from the internet thank to the power of the FreeDB online database. ...
KC Softwares | Shareware; $19.95 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | January 27, 2008 | Downloads: 151
Date added: Jan 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » MusicMatch Jukebox 10.00.4015b
MusicMatch Jukebox lets you record, organize, and play digital music. Lets you record your favorite songs from your CDs to high quality digital music files, stream music from the Net to your MusicMatch player, download music online and organize your digit ...
MusicMatch Corp. | Shareware; $19.99 to buy | Windows (All) | August 23, 2005 | Downloads: 170
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » OSS Audio Extractor
OSS Audio Extractor is a program that can extract audio from video movies and save it to any of the following popular formats: WAV PCM, MP3, WMA, ALF2, ADPCM, GSM, G.726, DSP, A-LAW, ACM, U-LAW, PCM, Ogg Vorbis. ... | Shareware; $20.00 to buy | Windows 2000/9x/XP | July 31, 2005 | Downloads: 148
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Speak Aloud 2.0.2005.608
Speak Aloud will read text aloud with support for SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices. Convert text to wave or mp3 on the fly, no temporary files needed, save your disk. Supports batch conversion. Supports reading highlight text on the screen with hot key. ...
Guangming Software | Shareware; $29.95 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/XP | June 8, 2005 | Downloads: 159
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Music Wizard Professional 7.2.0
Music Wizard is the perfect solution for managing your music collection, including CD, MP3, MiniDisc, and Vinyl records. The search function helps you to find songs immediately. CD contents can be downloaded from the freedb database, or you can use the Of ...
Stefan Hollesch | Shareware; $39.00 to buy | Windows (All) | April 11, 2005 | Downloads: 179
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Melomania 1.8
Melomania is a handy music collection software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collection of any kind, from vinyls to MP3s, and provides you with a quantity of facilities to manage music database. ...
Able Apples | Shareware; $49.95 to buy | Windows (All) | December 5, 2007 | Downloads: 129
Date added: Jan 15, 2008 |  » Details
 » Easimp3 3.41
Easimp3 is a powerful mp3/video/CD player organizer. It offers many useful and unique features, including automatic tagging from filename, CDDB support, playlist creator, xml database exporting, lyrics viewer, online lyrics finder, online cd cover finder, ...
Tom Deloford | Freeware | Windows (All) | November 17, 2003 | Downloads: 213
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Dee2 for Winamp3 2.05 Build 110200
Dee2 is an advanced digital audio processing softwarewhich provides the sound enhancement algorithms to maximally improve the experience of listened music: Bass/mid/treble boost, 3D boost, reverb, noise reduction, high frequencies lost by MP3 compression ...
Michal Charydczak | Shareware | Windows (All) | January 31, 2003 | Downloads: 273
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » PsychicMP3 2.00
PsychicMP3 is a tool that will treat a directory of MP3 files as an Audio CD and access a FreeDB (CDDBp) server to retrieve information about the MP3 files. Can rename and/or ID3-tag the files based on the information retrieved. It displays MP3 type (VBR/ ...
Romain Moreau-Gobard | Freeware | Windows (All) | May 12, 2002 | Downloads: 256
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » Muse.Net Agent 1.2
Muse.Net is a service that simply enables complete control of all your digital music or media from any Web browser or Internet PC. PCs storing digital media or used for remote playback need to run the Muse.Net Agent software available from the Muse.Net We ...
Mediacode, Inc. | Shareware | Windows (All) | September 12, 2003 | Downloads: 156
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » 4Musics MP3 to WAV Converter 3.1
4Musics MP3 to WAV Converter will Convert MP3 to WAV in one click. The beauty is that it works from the right click menu on a file. You do not have to invoke a whole other program to convert MP3 to WAV. Simply right click on the MP3, select `Convert to WA ...
NeSoft Inc. | Shareware; $14.95 to buy | Windows 2000/9x/XP | December 8, 2006 | Downloads: 194
Date added: Oct 25, 2007 |  » Details
 » Abander TagControl 2.6 Beta 1 Build 2
Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful mp3, ogg, wma, ape, and asf tag editor with lyrics, album art, CDDB, support. You can easily organize your music collection, rename files according to their tag information, find tag informati ...
SoftArtStudio | Shareware; $23.00 to buy | Windows (All) | August 15, 2005 | Downloads: 230
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
 » gta4`s Mp3 Renamer
gta4`s Mp3 Renamer Renames your mp3s, checks for updates, and creates new m3u files for playlists. ...
gta4soft | Freeware | Windows 2003/Me/NT/XP | April 9, 2005 | Downloads: 141
Date added: May 12, 2008 |  » Details
 » Aldo`s Text-to-WAVE 3.0
Aldo`s Text-to-WAVE lets you convert text, web pages, and word documents into audible documents in WAVE or MP3 formats. Great tool for read books, jokes, news, or any text and listen documents in your CD or MP3 player while you drive, walk, or perform any ...
Aldo Vargas | Shareware | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | September 6, 2003 | Downloads: 147
Date added: Jan 29, 2008 |  » Details
 » Media Center Plus 3.1.0
Media Center Plus is a powerful, easy-to-use organization and publishing solution. It`s your one-stop shop for managing graphics and all your multimedia files such as MP3 audio, MPEG videos, AVI video and more. Plus you can publish to HTML, CD-ROM, print, ...
Jasc Software | Shareware | Windows (All) | August 24, 2001 | Downloads: 178
Date added: Oct 06, 2005 |  » Details
 » The Filter 2.2 Beta
The Filter (formerly iCueMix) creates perfect playlists from your iTunes library. Rediscover your music collection in just a few clicks. Just highlight a couple of tracks and let The Filter give you the playlist. Plus create auto-refreshable lists for you ...
Exabre Limited | Shareware | Windows XP | June 4, 2007 | Downloads: 140
Date added: Oct 25, 2007 |  » Details
 » 123 CD Ripper 2.10
123 CD Ripper makes direct digital copies from audio CDs and saves them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs. 123 CD Ripper is very easy to use and have fast speed. Just click on one button a CDs will be extracted. 123 CD Ripper can also Convert WAV files to MP3, ...
ZM Software, Inc. | Shareware; $29.95 to buy | Windows (All) | February 24, 2005 | Downloads: 288
Date added: Oct 05, 2005 |  » Details
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