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1st TurboRun lets you quickly get to any program, document or bookmark. Just type a few characters and it will show matching programs and documents as you type. Onc
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OS Support: Windows (All)
Publisher: Green Parrots Software
License: Shareware
Downloads: 268
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Date added: Oct 07, 2005
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1st TurboRun lets you quickly get to any program, document or bookmark. Just type a few characters and it will show matching programs and documents as you type. Once you found the desired item, you can open it immediately. No more lost programs and documents. Easily locate any recently installed/modified files using a date filter. All your Internet Favorites are seconds away too. No indexing required.


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 » BritneyDesk 3.15
BritneyDesk is a Britney Spears desktop wallpaper changer. Let Britney be on your desktop. Share your day in office or at home with your favorite diva. In a few mouse clicks you get the free software which changes Britney pictures on your desktop from eve ...
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X_Rule takes screen measurements of any object in Pixels, Points, Characters, Inches, Millimeters, Centimeters and Twips. Includes a Color Spy utility that captures the value of any color the mouse is over in Decimal, Hex, RGB, Visual Basic and Quick Basi ...
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Babya Plateau is free desktop shell replacement. You can use it in place of explorer.exe or in Windows. With Babya Plateau you can surf the Net, copy files, access the Windows fonts folder, type notes or documents (with Babya Office) and reminders, launch ...
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FlashFolder is an open source tool that extends the file-related common dialogs (e.g. open/save dialog) seen in most Windows applications. A small toolbar docks onto these dialogs that provides menus for quick access to recently-used folders, favorite fol ...
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 » DesktopPlus 2.60
DesktopPlus is a virtual desktop and window manager for Windows. You can define up to 9 desktops and use drag and drop, hotkeys, a toolbar and a special context menu resident in every window on the desktop, to move windows back and forth between Virtual D ...
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 » Stylish Clock 1.5
Stylish Clock is an analog clock that you can run and place on the top of your desktop, so it will be visible when you work with other applications. It emphasizes your style. ...
AKS-Labs | Shareware | Windows (All) | July 9, 2002 | Downloads: 143
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 » Internet ScreenSaver Builder 5.15 Build 050412
Internet ScreenSaver Builder lets you make screen savers updateable via Internet. Use images, text and avi, wav, and mp3 files with wizard, transition effects and command language. Put any changes on the web and screensaver will update automatically. Also ...
XemiComputers | Shareware; $49.00 to buy | Windows (All) | April 12, 2005 | Downloads: 154
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 » AD Search&Replace 1.9.3
AD Search&Replace is a useful utility gives you a powerful and friendly tool to find files having a common text across directories and drives on your computer or on computers in local network. You can easily apply file-spec, date, and size filters to spee ...
Abroad Design | Shareware | Windows (All) | May 25, 2004 | Downloads: 166
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 » Kuliba WinTray 1.7
Kuliba WinTray is a library that can embed any control into the status area of the taskbar. Eee the current state of your application and even control the application directly from the system tray. The status area is the only place at the desktop that is ...
Kuliba, Inc. | Shareware | Windows (All) | October 11, 2003 | Downloads: 178
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » Rainlendar Pro for Linux 2.3
Rainlendar is a feature rich calendar application that is easy to use and doesn`t take much space on your desktop. The application is platform independent so you can run it both on Windows and on Linux. The appearance can be customized with skins and you ...
Rainy | Shareware; $15.00 to buy | Linux | January 2, 2008 | Downloads: 122
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 » Konfabulator for Mac OS X 2.1.1
Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your AirPort signal strength, will fetch the latest stock q ...
Yahoo! | Freeware | Mac OS X | August 5, 2005 | Downloads: 189
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 » Just Relaxing 3.5
Just Relaxing is great therapy that adds extra `white noise` that helps cheer up your day in the office and drown out the other noises that can be bothersome. This handy program sits in your tray and randomly generates sounds belonging to a selected theme ...
Lincoln Beach Software | Shareware; $14.95 to buy | Windows (All) | October 18, 2004 | Downloads: 190
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » Stickies 5.2a
Stickies is a PC utility to cut down on the number of Post-It notes. It stores all information in a single text-based ini file. They are yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some text notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you ta ...
Tom Revell | Freeware | Windows (All) | August 6, 2005 | Downloads: 175
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » GridCity 1.0
GridCity is abstract non-narrative art. The screensaver format is simply ideal for such things. It is quiet and un-obtrusive whilst providing a gentle textured backdrop. But on closer examination it generates exquisite and endlessly varying patterns.It is ...
Sente Limited | Shareware | Windows (All) | July 29, 2001 | Downloads: 189
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » Clear Desktop 4.0
Clear Desktop will hide or show all your desktop icons with the click of a button without restarting your computer or opening the main program. Great for security and showing your wallpaper without the clutter of icons. Access from right-clicking the Star ...
Camtech 2000 | Shareware | Windows (All) | September 19, 2000 | Downloads: 208
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » WallMaster 2.4e
WallMaster is a wallpaper changing utility that incorporates many features such as ability to use your favorite images (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, etc.) as wallpaper, simple and intuitive control panel to customize your desktop wallpaper conveniently, full ...
Tropical Wares | Shareware | Windows (All) | November 22, 2001 | Downloads: 179
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » GigAlarm 1.273
GigAlarm is an alarm program, capable of over 4 million different alarms. Once set, an alarm can be programmed to auto-repeat on set days, by a time offset or delete itself. The alarm can be either a wave file playing (random or selected), a program/file ...
Sinner Computing | Shareware; $6.95 to buy | Windows 2000/2003/9x/XP | September 1, 2005 | Downloads: 163
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » TimeWatch1 2.01
TimeWatch1 sits in your system tray area and allows you to get the current, real-time UTC time from the Atomic Clock, choose any location in the World and monitor up to 5 locations/times at once. You can also update your PC clock with the updated Atomic c ...
Kelly Software | Shareware | Windows (All) | January 2, 2004 | Downloads: 148
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
 » Y`z Dock 0.8.3 Beta
Y`z Dock is a program launcher like the dock in MacOS X. This application is currently in beta, so please send all reports to the author. In order to add icons, drag and drop a file (.exe, shortcut, etc.) straight from Explorer to the dock area. In order ...
M.Yamaguchi | Freeware | Windows 2003/XP | June 4, 2003 | Downloads: 141
Date added: Oct 26, 2007 |  » Details
 » DreamRender 219
DreamRender will replace your desktop wallpaper with stunning 3D effects. You can add your own individual customisations through its really easy interface or just download effects from the online Dream catalog. ...
Imagine Technologies Ltd. | Shareware | Windows (All) | December 16, 2002 | Downloads: 165
Date added: Oct 07, 2005 |  » Details
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